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    You know how your music SHOULD sound but getting it to sound that way comes with a few challenges:

    1. Recording in a studio is expensive.
    2. Recording is intimidating. What is a pre-amp? What does “mastering” actually do and do you need it? There are a million questions.
    3. DIY recording seems difficult to learn. You’re already busy building your fanbase, creating content, and writing songs. How in the world will you have time to learn recording?!

    Don’t worry! The DIY Recording Guys are here to help.

    We (Vadim and Ben) are two small studio owners who got into recording by being DIY musicians. We’ve learned a lot about recording along the way and we started the DIY Recording Guys based on a simple premise:

    We believe that with minimal gear and a bit of knowledge, DIY musicians everywhere can get professional quality recordings. 

    Our goal is to provide that bit of knowledge.

    We know from first-hand experience how intimidating this process can seem and we’re here to tell you that you can absolutely get professional-quality recordings at home.

    We look forward to talking to you!

    Vadim and Ben

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